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I stored many pictures and finally I could update them at the topics page..



The year 2012 has started.. This website is now 7 years old.

The access counter tells 12000 hits.

Thank you for your visits.

I will try to put more useful informations of Nippon Meirinkai.



I changed the dojo pictues and put some pictures in the Topics page.



I updated many pictures in the topics page.

The city Himeji is changing now.

The JR Himeji station building is being pulled down to build a new one.

HImeji castle is coverd by the fence for its restoration.

We can see new Himeji in 2014.



I updated 60 pictures of the 6th Taikai in the topics page.




10 US students performed Iai.

They made a great impression on the Japanese audiences .

The first Soke passed away in July. It was a big sorrow.



I could not update this website for 9 months.

Finally I can do it



I updated an‚Žual schdule, new kata logos, Grip pictures and topics page.

Meirinkai has started preparing the next big Taikai.@



*A Happy New Year .

The first class of the year 2009 starts on the 10th January.

Brian Cummings san is coming to Himeji dojo on the first day.

Ross Arkin san visits Himeji once a month. I will try to put more pictures.



–I updated the pictures of Izumo Shrine demo.

Tatara is very interesting.

Making a Japanese sword is a very hard work.



*I came back from the USA visit and finally I updated this website.

The number of the USA students is increasing.



*Stephen Parr san visited Himeji on the 27 March. He pactices so eagerly everyday.



*Pictures of the events in March.

Bonsai pictures with snow.

Kobudotaikai pictures .



*I put the schedule in 2008 and some other pictures in TOPICS.

Bonsai pictures are also on this page.



*A Happy New Year.

New pictures are on the TOPICS.

If you have good pictures to introduce your dojo,please send them to webmaster.

The JR new station will be a great help for visiting students to visit Soke.

I saw the new "Tsubaki Sanjuro". It is a re-make movie of Akira Kurosawa's Tsubaki Sanjuro.

It is a pity the director has changed the last cutting scene. It was very similar to Arakiryu kata"Furisode Zuki".



*New pictures from USA are on the TOPICS.(2007.8.14)

*New pictures are updated on the TOPICS.(2007.8.4)

*2007 Schedule is updated.(2007.2.9)

*A Happy New Year!

New pictures are on the TOPICS. (2007.1.1)

–2006 test in the USA is over. Every students improved a lot.

We need more time for the lessons.

We also need more instructors to teach in the USA.(2006.8.14)

*Osaraikai and Kyoto taikai pictures are in the TOPICS.(2006.5.14)

*Phoenix members visited Himeji. They enjoy the sightseeing and Iai practice.(2006.4.2)

*Himeji International Festival Demo pictures are in the TOPICS.

We are ready to host Phoenix members.(2006.3.21)

*Finally webmaster could fix this website.

Creating a website is more difficult than learning Iaido.

Japanese members are looking forward to meeting Phoenix students in April. (2006.2.5)






This "Nippon Meirinkaih web site is official.Toyoda Soke has checked this site. Web Master tries to translate all the Japanese pages literally.
But the Japanese Page of Web Master and this English Page of Web Master are different.
Web Master does not tranlate the Japanese Page of Web Master.
Here in this "English Page of Web Master", Web Master gives more informations
to help foreign Iaido students of Araki Mujinsai Ryu.
But they are just Web Master's personal informations,not official.

Web Master worked very hard for the translation.
But this translation is not perfect and has many mistakes.
If you have any request or find any mistakes, please mail to Web Master.
Web Master will try to improve this page. @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@i‚Q‚O‚O‚TD‚PD‚Pj



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