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Anyone who is interested in Iaido and Kenshibu is welcome to join Meirinkai.We do not worry age, sex ornationarity.We learn Japanese traditional culture but we also practice with Americans too. We do not get boared learning Iaido because Iaido itself is a very deep target and we try to seek a real technique. We can keep practicing Iaido even if we get old. After getting old we can start learning Iaido. Iaido is good for our health. You can learn only Iaido or you can learn both Iaido and Kenbu.It is your choice.But Kenbu requires Iaido tecnique so you need to learn Iaido if you want to learn Kenbu.

We need a sword and Budo clothes for training. First, please contact us and come and see our Dojo.We can advise you on what to buy.


What do you need to start ?




We do not use a real sword in the beginning. At first, you can borrow a sword, then you can buy your own sword which suites you. We can advise where to buy.

We wear keikogi for kendo or iai
We wear hakama(skirt-like trousers) for kendo or iai
To hold a sword to your waist, we wear otoko obi ( a belt for kimono for men)
knee pad
Oue knees touch the floor and sometimes it hurts our knees.
We use a fan for a dance(mai).
We wear white tabi(socks).




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