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Japan Spotlight Bimonthly

2011.Jan and Feb

The journal "Japan Spotlight Bimonthly" introduced the Meirinkai 6th Taikai.

Hope you enjoy the many iai pictures.

This bimonthly English journal was launched in 1982 to help bridge the information gap between Japan and the rest of the world.



Hatsunuki Taikai

2012.1.15 Sakai,Osaka

Tokuhira san again got the 6th prize in 6dan group.




2012.2.26 Himeji

This is an anual event.


10th Osaraikai

2012.3.17 Himeji Bunka Center

This year we opened the 10th Osaraikai.

This is our study stage performance. We did something challenging on the stage.



11th Dokusha no Tsudoi

(2012.4.7 Tokyo Bond Hall)

Aigin no Tomosha holded the 11th Dokusha no Tsudoi with the theme of "Gratitude".

Last year they could not hold it because of the 3.11 disasters.

Everyone was grad to meet together again.


Adelaide-Himeji The 30th Anniversary of the Sister City Relationship

(2012.4.7 Himeji The Royal Classic)

Meirinkai members performed Iai and Kenbu at the party of The 30th Anniversary of the Sister City Relationship between Adelaide, Australia and Himeji. The Mayor is interested in budo. We hope he likes our performances.



All Japan Iaido Renmei Kyoto Taikai

(2012.5.5 Kyoto)

Two of the Meirinkai member became 7dan Kyoshi this year.


Meirinkai bus tour


Meirinkai members visited Miyajima,Hiroshima. Miyajima is famous for the shrine with the Torii in the sea water.


USA Iai classes and seminar

(August 2012)

Soke and instrutors visited 5 dojos and give US students iai classes and tests. Meirinkai did the iai test in Las Vegas for the first time. Las Vegas students made a new dojo with a good floor.


Danbetsu Taikai

(2012.10.14 Osaka)

This anunal event was held in Maishima, Osaka.

Meirinkai member could not get a win.


Okishio Castle Festival

(2012.10.21 Okishio,Himeji)

The ruins of a castle is the top of the Mt.Okishio,1214 feet, in Himeji. We call the ruins "Okishio Castle" and hold a festival every year.

Meirinkai members performed fan dance and iaido in the open air stage at the top of the mountain.


Himeji Castle Kobudo Taikai

(2012.11.4 Himeji Castle)

Various type of Kobudo groups gathered in Himeji Castle and performed their own budo kata. Meirinkai members performed Iai. We could see the traditional hawk hunting show. A white hawk flew from the top roof of the castle and cauhgt the meat on the ground.



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